About The Organiser

About The Organiser

Nirvana Spirit Promotions

* Promoting, Consulting, Connecting & Networking, Holistic Spiritual Wellbeing
* Organizing & Managing of Workshops, Events & Festivals
* Arranging of Venue Hire & All Equipment * Catering and catering supplies
* Products & Projects * Public Talks & Films

Nirvana Spirit Promotions (NSP) is a privately owned events management business.

[1]GNOSTIC: (Gnosticism from Ancient Greek, γνωστικόςgnostikos): having knowledge, http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Gnostic

[1]WHOLISTIC: Variant spelling of ‘holistic’ first used in 1941 to describe something viewed as a whole, rather than in part. http://english.stackexchange.com/questions/139505/wholistic-vs-holistic

The Gnostic Wholistic festival has been a dream and passion for many years of my journey. It filled me with true satisfaction to watch it develop to fruition in 2016 when I launched the very first of its kind in South Africa! The festival was a huge success and I am honoured to have shared this experience with so many people around South Africa. I wish to see this festival grow each year, spreading the light and consciousness of love!

Antonet-Nirvana, has over 32 years of varied experience in managing and organising festivals, events and workshops.  Since 2000, she has specialised in the New Age, Alternative Healing, Holistic and Esoteric Arena and actively markets on various platforms, including radio, magazines, email, and extensive social media. She has been involved with the following amongst others:

  • Body and Mind Fair’s Marketing Networking events, etc. SA’s largest online health director
  • Erin Hall Foundation as CEO (marketing manager) festivals
  • Odyssey Magazine
  • Novalis Institute as centre manager (venue hire, events co-ordinator, marketing and PR)
  • Free Spirit, Cape Talk Radio, Smile FM, Heart, and Magic 828AM, Cape Talk
  • Celebrate Life Festival
  • More to Life Programme Leadership
  • Natalia Baker
  • Hands of Light
  • Course in Miracles
  • Timothy Freke Lectures
  • Master Del Pe Seminars
  • African Gems and Minerals
  • The Gnostic Wholistic Festivals 2016

Nirvana Spirit Promotions plans to continue this by organising the festival as a community-based event that will:

  • provide an opportunity for all participants to promote their goods and services,
  • create employment, and
  • be of benefit to underprivileged communities.

The Participants

The Gnostic Wholistic Festival receives international, national and local guest speakers to enlighten the public on a variety of holistic and health topics as well as various exhibitors to display their products, equipment, treatments and / or courses.

Mini Workshops by various practitioners will run throughout the day for the whole weekend. Visitors can experience a variety of treatments such as reflexology, aromatherapy, iridology and many more. A variety of healthy, raw and organic foods and beverages will be on sale provided by specialty food vendors.

During the weekend, there will be a variety of performances and demonstrations such as belly dancing, pole dancing, Yoga, and drumming, etc.

Promotion of the Festival

Antonet-Nirvana is extremely well connected and already has people from Johannesburg, Durban, Eastern Cape and as far as Germany and the USA, who are interested in attending the 3-day Gnostic Wholistic Festival. Through an extensive Web presence, Group Facebook and Personal pages, Antonet-Nirvana is connected to nearly 4,000 friends, about 300 local groups, and + / –  200 international groups. Nirvana Spirit Promotions has a very impressive database of close to 10,000 contacts in Cape Town.  And works in close partnership with Body and Mind (Traci French) since 2004.

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