From chanting, dance and musical performances to meditation, healing, messages from the spirit world and more, visit the Performance Stage areas for all-day, free entertainment.

It is recommended that you arrive 10 minutes before each performance starts to avoid disappointment.   Seats (where applicable) are allocated on a first-in basis and cannot be pre-allocated or booked. 

Heather Proudfoot

Music of the Plants

Saturday:  10.45am –  11.00am & Sunday:  1.15pm – 1.30pm

I import the midi devices (Music of the Plants). I will attach a plant and plug in speakers to the Music of the Plants device. We will hear the plant play music. If people interact with the plant, the plant changes the tone and tune.  Play rock music, the plant will stop “singing”  Play Mozart music, the plant will listen to the tune and play the same tune.

Andy Wilding:

Sound and healing through unique musical sculptures 

Sat: 10.30am – 10.45am & Sun: 12:45 – 1pm

Bringing two of his recent musical sculptures to demonstrate the sounds  used in hypnotherapy sessions. The Organ Player is a 5 meter high structure with footprint 2m diamter, that plays the notes of the chakras using steaam heated by a rocket stove. The sculpture was created for Afrikaburn earlier this year. The other sculpture is a 2m high bamboo dodecahedron containing a monochord that makes the “cosmic hum” sound, 432Hz. The monochord is turned by a red windmill.

Tracy White 

Turning Forks Healing:

Saturday 5th August 1.45pm – 1.55pm & Sunday 6th August: 12.40pm – 12.50pm:

 Tracy White:All of our physical Universe is in constant vibration. Our body is a close community of different vibrations that are in coherant harmony together. When we become dissonant, we lose vibrational harmony and our body experiences discomfort and disease. However, our body can be tuned, just like a musical instrument. Tuning forks create “true tones” that allows our body to entrain itself back to its healthy frequency.

Yusuf & Lynne (Desert Rose) 

Sacred Dance

Saturday 5th August:

12.45pm – 12.55pm  – Sacred Dance

Sunday 6th August:

10.45pm – 10:55pm & 2.45pm -2.55pm –  Sacred Dance

Rig Haywood

Steel 9 Note Tongue Drum

Saturday 5 August:

2.15pm – 2.25pm  

Demo with a Steel 9 note tongue Drum.  Based on the Hang Drum Rig Haywood with Steel 9 note tongue Drum.  Based on the Hang Drum

Sunday 6 August:

1.15pm – 1.25pm


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