Disa Room

Disa Room

Please note times and / or Speakers may change on the day:

Saturday 5th August:

10 am – 10.45:  John Britz:

Living in Freedom, Joy and Acceptance:  Many of us confuse Joy with Happiness. When we are living in conflict, or with burdens of responsibility, or with the myriad of other things that are happening in our lives, the best we can hope for is fleeting moments of happiness rather than the deeper Joy that comes from truly knowing who we are and our purpose for this lifetime

1pm – 1.45pm: Riaan Swiegelaar

Life Between Lives & messages The idea that we have past lives is becoming more widespread and an increasing number of people are having their own experience. The next question is what happens between lives? How we have chosen the current life-themes , set of gifts and the choice of a few different lives to pick from in the current time period you are incarnating into. Some audience members will also receive messages.

2pm – 2.45pm: Ralph Raaths

Awakening Imagenation: “What is true imagination and how do we develop it? ‘Awakening Imagination’ provides an essential step to progress up the ladder of personal attainment, especially in a time when hallucinogenic substance is fast becoming prevalent as an answer to exploring human consciousness, with disastrous side effects. Ralph Raaths provides an understanding of what imaginative thinking is that bridges Natural Science through Quantum Physics into Metaphysical Wisdom”.

3pm: (TBC)

Sunday 6th August:

10am Gillian Vosloo & Marinda Rencken – Intuitive Messagess

Intuitive Messages –How it works:
Everyone has the ability to access their intuition. It is something that every person is born with. Some find it comes naturally and others have come to experience and recognise it through practice in their daily lives.
MetaVarsity defines intuitive development as the training and refining of our spiritual gifts that are the tools we use to serve our higher purpose. Use of intuition includes the ability to perceive highest truth by means of contact with a sense of universal oneness through the heightened spiritual development and an integrated personality. The real needs of the soul are sensed and interpreted accordingly. Intuitive clarity follows spiritual attunement (Energy follows Thought).
The intuitive messages are short 1.5min to 2min messages as a demonstration to what intuition can hold for you.

1pm: Rev John Brits

Shamanism in the modern age: Shamanism is largely misunderstood – and relegated to an Old One who has spent 50 odd years studying the many teachings of many masters. However Shamanism has many facets and is largely about Nature Based Spirituality. Shamanism incorporates ceremonies of many kinds, healing with herbs and other plant medicines, communicating with the Ancestors and Spirit Guides, and accessing information either for ourselves or for others who have consulted us.

2pm: Ralph Raaths Journey to the Land of the Midnight Sun…

The epoch we live in now is a mirror of the great Egyptian era and their powerful mysteries before the fall of Egpyt. Many of the mysteries enacted in the ancient temples are now part of the inner life of modern humanity. Egyptian wisdom is thus truly attractive to the modern person who instinctively is drawn to their mysteries to find relevance to the inner soul / spirit life striving to emerge from within the struggle of our time. Join us on a Soul-Spirit journey to find our lost connections still embedded in our inner history. Find the deeper meaning of the Isis Osiris mysteries their funeral rites and the Pharaohs ancient power. Learn what brought us to this point and how to rise out of it!

3pm: Tim Smal

Developing a healthy body image and understanding body dysmorphic disorder.
Body Image can be described as an individual’s internal experience of themselves. In other words, Body Image is to do with how an individual experiences their appearance ‘from the inside’. This includes the individual’s mental picture or felt impressions of how they look, mixed in with the personal context of their appearance-related beliefs, sensations, emotions, associations and memories. Having a very negative experience of one’s appearance ‘from the inside’ and this being at odds with how other people see one’s appearance ‘from the outside’ is at the heart of the definition of Body Dysmorphic Disorder, which describes a disabling preoccupation with perceived defects or flaws in appearance. In his talk, Tim will be discussing BDD in more detail and will also be exploring the importance of developing a healthy body image.

4pm: Bridget Finklaire

“The Key to Expanding Consciousness:  The Keys of Enoch”
Einstein said “We cannot solve problems with the same consciousness that created them.” Einstein said “We cannot solve problems with the same consciousness that created them.” In order to find peaceful ways in the future, we have to raise our consciousness, expanding it to a point where we find solutions to our problems. We have to wake up! Become more aware, more conscious.The common thread between all those participating in the Gnostic Wholistic Festival – traders, speakers, demonstrators and visitors – is that we care about positive, open-hearted growth. We want to be better people and create a better world. We believe in a better way, and we know that it starts with us. We face tremendous challenges in the world today: Environmental, Ecological, Governmental, Social Inequality, Civil Unrest, Climate Change. How do we rise above the chaos and find hope for a positive future?The Keys of Enoch is a powerful multi-dimensional, multifaceted teaching for our times. It provides a road map for the way forward and unlocks our consciousness. The teaching is grounded in both science and spirituality. Academy For Future Science (AFFS) – the umbrella organisation for Keys of Enoch, believes in Science guided by Consciousness. We are on the edge of a major shift in the evolution of humanity.

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