Kenilworth Room

Kenilworth Room

Friday 4th August:

Breakfast Networking Event

STARTS 9.30 SHARP TO  1pm 


2:15 – 2:45 Qi Kung Michael Rault

Qi Kung The Gnostic Festival is offering free holistic healing qi gong (or chi kung as It is called in America) classes. The classes will be given by Michael Rault who has been teaching qi gong and yoga all his life. This is a unique blend of many traditional styles coupled with Taoist esoteric healing visualizations. Wear comfortable clothes that allow for stretching. Bring your jogging shoes that allow for easy foot movement. If possible do not eat much immediately before the class. Rather have water or green tea (or other warm drinks) beforehand and a meal afterwards if hungry. Come as you are. All levels of fitness welcomed. Many of the exercises can even be done sitting. You are welcome to participate in these sessions.

3pm – 4.30 Panel of Experts

5pm –  5.30pm Desert Rose (Mini Concert Performance)

Desert Rose was found in 1999 by world music composer, Lynne Holmes. Together with her partner, Yusuf Ganief, they are regarded as leading composers, producers and performers of Universal Sacred World Music. Under their own record label of Desert Rose Music they have produced 15 internationally distributed and highly acclaimed world music albums including many ancient cultural fusions with vocals in Sanskrit, Arabic, Aramaic, Hebrew, Latin, French and English.


Saturday 5th August:

10am – 10.30am: Desert Rose

11am – 12.30pm: Panel of Experts

12.45pm Qi Kung Michael Rault

1.15 – 1.50pm  Vanessa Holliday – SACRED SOUND JOUNEY – with Vanessa Holliday

We shall begin a magical journey of discovering the power of sound. If we accept that sound is vibration and we know that vibration touches every part of our physical being, then we understand that sound is heard not only through our ears but through every cell in our bodies. Immerse yourself in the Ancient Sounds of Tibetan Bowls, Gongs, Rain Makers and other instruments of Organic Sounds to bring healing and expanded awareness.

2 – 2.45pm Pan Eurythmy Aniela Raaths

A passionate teacher and facilitator of Pan-Eurythmy, Eurythmy and Waldorf pedagogy.

3pm – 3.45pm Julia Tiffin

RETURN TO THE SACRED – FIND THE GOLD WITHIN:“As within so without, as without so within …” A conversation about Alchemy, Sacred Geometry, Kabbalah & Hermetics to return to living your life with beauty and joy and to find the gold within. Explore the main purpose for living and how to re-align your being to live in accordance with beauty and good using ancient tools and knowledge.  This is presented by Julia Tiffin who has explored these topics in the Ancient Mystery Schools for over 14 years having studied and travelled extensively to attain this ancient knowledge and tools to share with others.

4.30pm – 5pm Moe-ain Daniels – “I don’t need wings to fly”

We are delighted to announce that singer/songwriter Moe-ain Daniels will inspire attendees with his first solo performance.

“You don’t need wings to fly”. That’s the message singer Moe-ain Daniels wants to share. Moe-ain Daniels LIVE on SABC’s Expresso Show,  he has even performed at parliament and the National Arts Festival. Moe-ain is completely dependent on his family, specifically his mother, as he was born with a physical disability which means he cannot use his hands or walk. He uses his mouth to type, write and draw. After school, family circumstances, coupled with the fact that his disability made it difficult to get around, forced him to put his musical aspirations on ice until the 28-year- old decided: “I need to do this; we don’t get any younger.”

Moe-ain, learned this himself, having had the opportunity to achieve one of his dreams when he recorded a song written for him by music industry stalwart Clive Ridgway. “My dream was always to work with him.”

Sunday 6th August:

10am – 10.30pm Desert Rose

11am – 12.30pm Panel of Experts

12.45pm – 1.10pm Qi Kung Michael Rault

1.15 – 1.30pm Desert Rose

2 – 2.45pm Pan Eurythmy Aniela Raaths

A passionate teacher and facilitator of Pan-Eurythmy, Eurythmy and Waldorf pedagogy.

3pm John Brits (TBC) Drumming

4.30pm – 5pm Desert Rose – Closing!

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