Protea Room

Protea Room

Friday 4th August:

2pm – 2.45:  Claire Janisch

I’d like to present on the deep patterns in nature and how it relates to Theraphi (golden ratio related frequencies that align heart, breathing, mind, cranio-sacral fluid to deep peace and centredness with earth resonance).  It includes elements of alchemy, tesla science and biomimicry. It’s quite extraordinary.

Saturday 5th August:

10am – 10.45am: Peter Von Maltitz

South African Plant Teachers – Assistance on the spiritual journey

1pm – 1.45pm:  Andrew Wilding

“The Synergy of Sound – Musical Sculptures & Psychoacoustic Reprogramming”

2pm – 2.45: Janet van Niekerk

Numerology with MetaVarsity
• In Numerology level 1, learn to and understand the hidden meanings of the root numbers 1 to 9. These form the basis of what you will build on. These numbers have positive, negative and destructive traits.
• Discover the vast amount of information the birth date holds. This includes your reason for incarnating, called your Life Path, and your backing power.
• The birth chart provides an intensive study into your strengths, weaknesses and lessons up to the age of 20, including a detailed look into the 16 Arrows of Pythagoras. These traits remain with you lifelong.
• Learn to calculate your pinnacle numbers and the timing of these cycles, during which you will also gain insight into your inner self and inner child.
• Identify your challenges throughout life.
• Calculate your personal year, month and day. This enables you to plan your life with its natural ebbs and flows.
• Master Numbers 11, 22 and 33 and the karmic malefic numbers 13, 14, 16 and 19. Studying these adds extra depth to the basic meanings of the numbers.
• During the course, you will work on your own numerology chart, as well as those of close friends or family.
• You will conclude the course with a report on yourself and your insights into your date of birth and all the potential that it holds.

3pm – 3.45pm: Alexandra Lawrence – Intuitive Messages

Intuitive Messages: How it works
Everyone has the ability to access their intuition. It is something that every person is born with. Some find it comes naturally and others have come to experience and recognise it through practice in their daily lives.
MetaVarsity defines intuitive development as the training and refining of our spiritual gifts that are the tools we use to serve our higher purpose. Use of intuition includes the ability to perceive highest truth by means of contact with a sense of universal oneness through the heightened spiritual development and an integrated personality. The real needs of the soul are sensed and interpreted accordingly. Intuitive clarity follows spiritual attunement (Energy follows Thought).
The intuitive messages are short 1.5min to 2min messages as a demonstration to what intuition can hold for you.

4pm – 4.45pm: Tanya Harris Life Alignment

Heal with Energy Medicine: Join us for a mini workshop of healing and learning with Tanya Harris, a visionary Healer and Teacher of Life Alignment.   Come and experience for yourself the uplifting, restorative effects of energy medicine!
Everything we need to heal, is within us. Our Higher Self knows the stories we hold in our subconscious library, where they are buried in our body and when we are ready to let them go. By utilising the Life Alignment energy healing system, Tanya Harris will demonstrate how to tap into this higher consciousness to identify and shift the root cause of blockages to sustain new energy flow in your life.
The time has come to manifest our highest dreams of Love, Peace and Fulfillment for all Beings on this beautiful Planet. We are in a time of immense change, as old structures are breaking down before our eyes. It is vital for each of us to clear out our old pains and to reclaim our personal power.

Sunday 6th August:

10am – 10.45: Leigh Mansell

HAVING THE COURAGE TO LIVE YOUR TRUTH – In a world filled with emotional, physical and mental ‘noise’, we often feel bombarded and sometimes incapacitated. Above the din of life there is a small whispering voice within that calls us to live our best life. Living our best life takes courage as we need to believe, act, feel and think differently to the people around us that are determined to make us feel small. It takes courage to stand up in yourself and act with integrity and not to settle but to THRIVE! I will be sharing some courage inducing techniques I have researched and implemented successfully both in my personal life and my clients. Our thoughts determine our feelings which can determine our actions. So it makes sense to look at our thinking habits as a clue to our courage barometer.

12pm – 12.45: Lyndel Daly

15 Easy steps leading you towards inspired living. – If you want some changes in your life you need to be doing things differently. Not so easy .. This is because we have entrenched habits. So the only way to move forward is to find new habits that lead one towards creating the life that you want and in so doing move towards inspired living. During this talk participants will receive insights into the 15 step process and some basic principles towards creating the life that you so wish for. Lyndel is a practicing consciousness life coach, author, inspirational speaker and HR M manager.

1pm – 1.45: Riaan Swiegelaar

Developing Mediumship & messages – People often say to me that they feel very drawn to mediumship or that they have been told they have potential as a medium but they do not know how go about developing it. So how do you develop mediumship? What do you need to do?
Join Riaan as he talks about how to develop your own mediumship / mediumistic skills. Using simple yet powerful exercises Riaan takes you through each stage of your journey to become attuned to the spirit world.
Some audience members will also recieve messages.

2pm – 2.45pm: Natalia Baker

YOU – THE ALCHEMIST! TRANSMUTING THE COLLECTIVE SHADOW:  Many of us have been doing our utmost to transform and heal. We have done a wonderful job but we are sometimes exhausted at the ongoing ruthlessness of this journey and we ask “When will it end?” Yet what we are observing does not resonate with our ideals for a peaceful, unified society which honours the Earth. We know that our planet will not and cannot ascend until dense unqualified energies have been transformed. As someone stated “Everyone has a Divine Flame but with some the wick is rather low!” I invite you to explore with me how the powerful alchemist within you, transmuting and releasing, clears, heals and uplifts the collective shadow. It may be hard to grasp but every personal triumph, big or small, in which you transform anger, prejudice, judgement and more into love, forgiveness, acceptance and understanding, clears the collective. You are literally working globally on a personal level. This is the gift of remembering and owning that you chose to be here to do this work. You are the alchemist and this is your service. By serving yourself you serve the whole.

3pm – 3.45pm: Silke Erasmus:

Presenting on Gnosticism

From the Dance of Dualism to the Wisdom of Knowing: The wise teachers, gurus, alchemists, Buddhas and exemplars of higher consciousness have taught the same principle – Man Know Thyself ! It would seem that this is an unequivocal, frank and honest statement made over aeons of time and stemming from many diverse world views and therefore not something for the select few only, potentially speaking. Therefore with close study and deep contemplation it is clear that this is inevitable for all of us and not so much a case of ‘how’ as ‘when’. If this is true then you will quickly see or sense that a great plan is afoot, set in motion by the Grand Architect and held in place by those wonderful beings of Light who are blessed with long term vision. If that is all that is required, why is it so difficult for us to ‘get’ the lesson and to flourish individually and collectively?

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