Q & A for Stallholders

Q & A for Stallholders

Questions and Answers:

Banners? Yes, you can have a banner by your table. There will be space behind your table. You will have to judge on the day of setup where to put it.

Set up? You will receive an allotted time. Set-up time slots will start on Wed at 10am. Venue closes at 5pm and Thursday 9am – 5pm. You will receive your allotted time approximately one week before the show.

Security? We will have security throughout the venue and during set up. The venue will be locked up and secure every evening. It might be a good idea to bring a cloth to cover your table while closed. All the rooms that can be locked will be locked.

Parking? Please adhere to all parking and entry requirements / signage and do not park in front of driveways, entrances, or block any other vehicles from accessing the drive areas. During the event days all stall holders must park and enter from the Wetton Road Entrance. NO ONE IS PERMITTED TO PARK AT THE RACECOURSE ROAD ENTRANCE, PLEASE

Table Cloths: Each table which is provided for while have a plain table cloth provided already on the tables, but if you wish to decorate the table with your own colours, please bring your own.

Lifts? Please only use the goods lifts. Anyone using the public lift to set up will be responsible for the cost of calling out an elevator operator / mechanic if it gets stuck.

Plug point? Please bring an extension cord and tape to cover your cord so people do not trip over it. Bring a double adapter and multi plug.

GWF Staff? The staff of the Gnostic Wholistic Festival is not there to set up of personal stalls. Please organise your own staff to carry and set up. (If you would like a helper we can organise one for you at an additional cost paid upfront).

Space for Goods? We will supply space of 2.5m x 1.5m (Table size +/- 2m x 90cm) and 2 chairs. Or if you have booked for the smaller size tables, (reduced space will apply).

Space for Healers? We will supply space of 2.5m x 1.5m (Table size +/- 1m x +/- 600cm) and 2 chairs.

Therapist? Please bring your own screens as well a massage bed. We provide a smaller table for pamphlets, etc.

Credit Card Facilities? You will need to supply your own credit card facilities.

ATM? There is one FNB ATM machine on the premises.

WiFi? There is no Wifi access on the premises.

Comps / Facilitators Access per stall? Each Participant will receive 2 comps / access cards for the duration of the festival. Every additional table booked and paid for, will receive 1 extra access card / comp.

Additional Entertainment?

There will be entertainment throughout the festival.


Please email us if you have any further questions or require clarity about the GWF 2017
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